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Affordable Housing Contribution Program
The City of Carlsbad has an incentive for developers who want to build affordable housing. All affordable housing funds or housing assistance grants awarded under the act are to be used by qualifying grantees for the benefit of persons of low or moderate income subject to the provisions of the Act and with particular regard to their housing related needs.

    City of Carlsbad Affordable Housing Contribution Application and Checklist (pdf)
    City of Carlsbad Affordable Housing Ordinance (pdf)

    For details, contact the Carlsbad Department of Development by email or calling (575) 887-6562

    Contact Information
    Carlsbad Department of Development
    400-2 Cascades Ave. Suite 201
    • Carlsbad, NM 88220
    Ph: (575) 887-6562 • Fax: (575) 885-0818
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