Loving, NM

Artesia Main Photo


Artesia is known as a charming agricultural community with a small-town feel. Though small, Artesia’s culture is anything but. As a historically artistic community, Artesia has its own Arts Council, along with an Arts and Cultural District where visitors can explore art galleries and shops featuring local artists, handcrafted objects, and one of a kind pieces. It is this commitment to arts and culture that is attracted new residents and businesses as well. Those who are seeking to locate in a historic community that puts an emphasis on arts, culture, and education will find a welcome home here. To learn more about Artesia click here or https://www.artesianm.gov/....Learn More »
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City of Carlsbad, NM

Situated along the banks of the Pecos River, Carlsbad was originally christened the Town of Eddy on September 15, 1888 and organized as a municipal corporation in 1893. With the improvement of the mineral springs with their valuable medicinal qualities north of town, the town changed the name to Carlsbad, after the famous European spa, Karlsbad. On March 25, 1918, the Governor proclaimed Carlsbad as a city. With the discovery of the "Bat Cave" in 1901 and the establishment of the Carlsbad Caverns National Park on May 14, 1930, Carlsbad gained international recognition. In 1925 potash was discovered near Carlsbad and for many years Carlsbad dominated the U. S. production of potash. With the decline in the potash market in the 1960s, the residents and leaders of Carlsbad lobbied for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP). Congress authorized the WIPP project in 1979 and construction of the project...Learn More »
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Otis, NM

Located on US-285, Otis is approximately seven miles from downtown Carlsbad. Otis has been designated a Mutual Domestic Water Association. Agriculture is the primary industry....Learn More »
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Village of Hope

The Village of Hope is a rural New Mexico community, twenty miles from Artesia. This is a close-knit community who is proud of their heritage and place in our community. Folks looking to experience what the historic west was like, will appreciate the historic character of the Village of Hope, and the natural desert beauty that surrounds it. To learn more about the community, contact Mayor Bill Fletcher....Learn More »
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Village of Loving, NM

In the decade following the Civil War, famous cattle barons John Chisum, Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving drove vast herds of cattle along the Pecos River from Texas to Colorado and set up "cow camps" along river in what is now Eddy County. One such location was near a lazy bend in the river where, in 1867, Oliver Loving and another cowboy were involved in a skirmish with Comanche Indians.  Both were wounded and Loving later died of his wounds in Fort Sumner.  The Village of Loving, located near the spot of that fateful battle, was renamed in his honor.  The village was first settled by Swiss settlers in 1891. They originally named their settlement Vaud, a state in Switzerland where most of them originated and later changed on June 1, 1908, the village’s name changed.   The Village of Loving became officially incorporated in January 1945.   The...Learn More »