Full-Time Dietary Aide
Available Openings: 1
Apply By: December 31, 2023
Industry: Food service
Pay Type: Hourly
Compensation: 12.00
Education Level: N/A

Excellent benefits including medical, dental, vision, retirement and life insurance.


I. Job Title: Tray Aide II. Reports to Dietary Supervisor III. Job Goal: Assist in providing high quality dietary services to residents. IV. Qualifications a. Education: able to read, write, and follow oral instructions. b. Needs an understanding of mechanical devices. c. Must have knowledge of and understanding of sanitation and kitchen procedures. d. Work Experience: Previous food service work experience desirable, but not required. Will receive in-service training. Previous knowledge of diets helpful. e. Physical demands: Must be in good physical health. Stands and walks short distances most of working day. Reaches for, lifts, carries, and stacks pots and pans. f. Must be neat and clean in appearance. V. Performance Tasks a. Follows sanitary standards in cleaning dishes, glassware, and silverware by hand or machine. b. Receives tableware from dining room and residents’ rooms, or stacks tableware on a carrier for transporting to dishwashing room. c. Scrapes food from dishes prior to washing or uses a pre-wash machine. d. Soaks tableware by hand in tubs of hot, soapy water and then stacks tableware in dishwashing machine, adds soap, and washes and rinses tableware. e. Determines that wash and rinse water are at proper temperature. f. Transports cleaned and dried ware to proper steam-tables, refrigerators, and kitchen equipment. g. Arranges dining tables and chairs, and polishes fixtures. h. May set up individual servings of dry cereal, make toast, coffee, and assist in cutting, peeling, and washing fruits and vegetables. i. Assists cook in dishing up servings. j. Serves trays to dining room and individual floors. k. Keeps kitchen equipment clean and in proper working order. l. If some piece of equipment needs repairing, notifies supervisor. m. Participates in fire drills and emergency evacuations plans. n. Follows all policies and administrative regulations of Lakeview Christian Home.

Contact: Brianne Pearson
1905 W Pierce
Carlsbad, New Mexico, New Mexico 88220
United States