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Angel Networks

September 24, 2018

Category: Funding Resources, Angel Networks


New Mexico / Southwest Angel Networks

• The New Mexico Angels prefer seed and early stage investments. They consider themselves generalists and will consider investing in a wide range of industries. Initially, they were focused on technology but they now consider non-technology ventures. Initial investment amount ranges from $100,000 to $500,000. 


National Angel Networks

• ACE-Net was developed by the U.S. Small Business Administration's Office of Advocacy. Only entrepreneurs who can sell security interest in their companies can enroll. There is an annual fee to enroll -- fees vary by state.

• Angels With Attitude has a committed pool of capital that they call an "active angel fund." They invest in geographic areas where they have members. That includes primarily the West Coast from Vancouver, BC, to San Diego and the East Coast from Boston to Washington, DC. Angels with Attitude invests in clean and renewable energy and conservation, environmental technology, clean and sustainable transportation, healthy and organic foods and natural products, and education -- all things that contribute to sustainability.

• Investors' Circle is a nonprofit national network of angel investors, foundation officers and entrepreneurs. Businesses that are reviewed by Investors' Circle members must fall into at least one of the following interest areas: community development, education, environment and energy, health, and women or minority-led business.

• The Tribe of Angels is a group of Jewish industry leaders who invest in companies primarily in the United States and Israel. Operates as a business network and angel group. A select number of start-ups are selected for presentation to investors, and deals that do not qualify for presentation may still be eligible to network with investors and other businesspeople in the group. Currently have operations in Boston, California, Chicago, Connecticut, New York, and Israel.

• Gathering of Angels was established in October 1996. A monthly meeting of private, high-net-worth investors that provide seed-level financing to start-up and early-stage firms.