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2015 Housing Study

September 24, 2018

Category: Developer Information

2015 Housing Study

The Greater Carlsbad Housing Analysis & Strategic Plan completed in 2009, identified a number of housing issues and established goals and objectives for providing quality residential environments for area residents. Since then, the rise in the oil and gas industry has continued to create a bigger and bigger need for housing and the City of Carlsbad began updating our research from the 2009 study and new study was completed in 2015. 

The plan also set policies that support the development of a wide variety of high quality housing in Greater Carlsbad. Potential ways to accomplish the housing goals include rehabilitating or replacing housing in poor condition, regulating development in the adjacent County to ensure appropriate standards of development, and proactively initiating housing programs through the City‘s powers under state law and in cooperation with the various state and federal agencies, private developers and nonprofit organizations that provide housing. The plan called for the initiation of a housing master plan that would provide for the development, rehabilitation and replacement of home ownership and rental residences, taking into account the needs of a wide variety of persons. The plan would address both affordable and market rate housing. 

This document fulfills the City‘s goal to prepare a housing master plan. The purpose of the Housing Analysis and Strategic Plan is to quantify housing needs in the community and set out a strategic plan which provides achievable actions that can improve the housing situation in the Greater Carlsbad area. The document is consistent with requirements under the Affordable Housing Act for Affordable Housing Plans.