Cost of Living

Positive Economic Growth and Lower Costs of Living

Carlsbad’s economy has remained positive throughout all the recent turmoil across the nation. It is one of the very few places with positive economic growth. Residents and businesses alike have enjoyed lower costs of living while growing. For additional information on the cost of living in Carlsbad, please visit:

Cost of Living Statistics 


The following are average utility costs in Carlsbad:

  • Water - $13.60 (based on a 10,000 gallon average use)
  • Waste Disposal - $19.00
  • Electricity - $0.05665
  • Gas - $0.9661


Gross receipts tax in Carlsbad is 7.6458%. 

Housing Costs

The median housing cost as of October 2017 for Eddy County is $170,000, which is up from $130,000 in 2009, which is an increase of 31%.

Rental Prices 

Average rents for more than 70 percent of the apartment units Carlsbad in 2017 are:

  • $900 for a one-bedroom
  • $1,177 for a two-bedroom
  • $1,328 for a three-bedroom

Median Income

The median household income as of 2015 for Eddy County is $60,407 (census)

Cost of Living Comparisons