Becoming a member of the Carlsbad Department of Development has many benefits in addition to supporting the economic growth of our region. Members are true partners in economic development, able to participate in strategic planning, representing Carlsbad on the national level, and able to promote their own businesses through various networking opportunity.

We collaborate with members, believing that their insight and involvement is key to successfully growing our region. With a diverse group of opinions and experiences brought to the table, we can create a more prosperous Carlsbad where all industries and residents can thrive side by side.

Our membership levels provide opportunities for community members to participate in a way that best fits with their interests, schedule, and strengths. From our Level 5 membership, designed for those looking to network and connect, to the Level 1 membership for those seeking to take a leadership and strategic role in the economic development of Carlsbad, there is a way for all community members to join us.

We invite you to explore our various membership levels and to learn more about the Carlsbad Department of Development. Together, we can continue to move Carlsbad forward and increase the prosperity of our region. Join us.