Eagle Automation Expanding in Carlsbad, NM

Eagle Automation Expanding in Carlsbad, NM Main Photo

25 Apr 2019

Recently, at a New Mexico Economic Development Department meeting in Albuquerque, Eagle Automation announced that they were purchasing a new facility in Carlsbad and would be expanding its operation to include the full array of production and warehousing operations for the Delaware Basin, centered in Carlsbad, NM.  Initially, the company plans to add 15 high-paid jobs and is anticipated to continue increasing its workforce over time.

According to CEO Brandon Giles, Eagle Automation first expanded into Carlsbad during October 2018 due to requests of customers to support them locally and to pursue the tremendous growth and opportunity in the basin.  “Though we are currently leasing our present warehouse,” stated Giles, “we have recently purchased a 3,000 sq. ft. facility and property.  Eagle has already begun the process of building out an additional 7,500 sq. ft. at this facility over the coming months, to support our fabrication, assembly and warehousing operations.”

Headquartered in Denver, Eagle Automation produces complete automation, measurement and environmental monitoring solutions to the oil and gas industry.  The company’s stated vision is to “Build the oil and gas solutions company of tomorrow.” delivering value-added, data-driven solutions that allow their customers to focus on what they do best. Eagle’s solutions combine technical and engineering expertise, experienced service technicians, critical products, supply chain optimization, and precision fabrication and assembly.

The company will be offering the full range of their services in Carlsbad, which is their seventh location nationwide.  These services include the fabrication and assembly of control and electrical distribution panels and measurement control systems.  From an environmental and safety perspective, Eagle is developing a cost-effective, continuous emissions monitoring solution for deployment at industry production and processing sites to mitigate environmental impacts and increase safety.

“We welcome Eagle Automation to our busy community,” said Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway. “We believe this company has made a very wise business move to invest further in Carlsbad, and we look forward to having Eagle’s employees as our friends and neighbors. Carlsbad is the epicenter of growth in New Mexico and West Texas, and these high-paying jobs are very welcome here.” 

All of these products assembled in the new local panel shop will be shipped and deployed across southeastern New Mexico and West Texas, which is a real boon for the community and the state, according to Carlsbad Department of Development Executive Director John Waters.  “This company could have chosen to expand in any of the other communities in the Permian’s Central Platform or Delaware Basin including Pecos or Hobbs,” stated Waters. “Choosing Carlsbad means the jobs will be here and the revenues generated as a result will benefit our community rather than other jurisdictions for years to come.”

For more information on Eagle Automation, visit www.eagleautomation.com or call (720) 414-9925.

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