Carlsbad, NM Has Properties and Resources to Support Onshoring Companies

30 Sep 2020


For companies looking to stabilize their supply chains by onshoring, Carlsbad, New Mexico has the desired assets and amenities that appeal to site selectors looking to relocate or expand.

Why Did Onshoring Become a Key Strategy?

Onshoring to strengthen supply chains has become critical for many businesses as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to highlight the vulnerability of relying on global resources and products. Over the past 40 years, many companies focused on cost reduction, choosing to steadily relocate manufacturing overseas as global markets opened up in places such as China, South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand. However, because of world events, businesses are now focusing on reducing the risk of disruption of their operations. Even before the pandemic, businesses felt the impact of supply chain interruptions due to natural disasters such as the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and the Thailand floods. All of this contributes to the trend to move manufacturing back to the U.S.

Why Companies Should Onshore in Carlsbad New Mexico

Available Commercial Sites

Carlsbad has the space for your company to expand. Check out their featured commercial properties here. If a ready-to-go commercial site is what you need, inquire about 1302 South Canal Street with its 1.23 acres fronting a major highway. Call Marvin Albright at 575-302-3566 for details.


Carlsbad is the main hub for the Delaware Basin. Adding to Carlsbad’s appeal as a distribution center, US-62/180 and US-285 intersect right in town.

Transportation Assets

Abundant rail access and major highways make Carlsbad a well-situated distribution center. Local Cavern City Air Terminal has long runways and all of the features needed for shipping.

Energy Opportunities and Utilities

Carlsbad and Eddy County, New Mexico, have a long history of leadership in energy industries: oil and gas, nuclear energy, solar power, and biofuels. Water resources are plentiful. Commercial utility rates in Carlsbad are among the lowest in New Mexico and Texas. A commercial utility rates snapshot can be found here


Businesses moving to Carlsbad can benefit from utilizing incentive, assistance, and reimbursement programs designed to make it easier for a company to start, relocate or expand in the community. These programs include the CDOD Revolving Loan Fund which businesses can use to fund a wide variety of projects. There are also Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRB) for the expansion and relocation of commercial and industrial projects. Real estate developers can also benefit from these and other incentives programs. Details about any of these programs can be found here. In addition, New Mexico tax incentives can be found here.


“Carlsbad's workforce mirrors its industries by being highly diverse and dynamic,” said Sidney Woods, Local Development Coordinator for Carlsbad Department of Development. “This workforce comes equipped with skills that can easily cross over from one industry to another. There is work ethic to spare. Employers seeking a workforce that is ready to get the job done can find just that and more here in Carlsbad.”

Workforce data can be further explored here.

Carlsbad Department of Development is Equipped to Assist Site Selectors

Now is the right time to locate your business or corporation in Carlsbad. The area is growing, the economy is booming, and there is room for additional businesses to grow here. In addition to manufacturing and real estate development, Carlsbad Department of Development is also working to promote the creation of homegrown businesses by working with entrepreneurs considering starting their own company or buying into a regional franchise. Call them at 575-887-6562 or click here to email.