$2.2B of New Private Investment and More Than 7,000 Jobs as Companies Move to NM

25 Jan 2021


Over the past two years, private investment in New Mexico has blossomed. Thirty projects totaling nearly $2.2 billion of new monies has benefited a number of sectors and different parts of the state. Film, emerging technologies, aerospace and aviation, advanced manufacturing, energy and value-added agriculture are among the industries relocating or expanding their current capacities in New Mexico.

Netflix, NBC Universal, SCEYE, Prent, NTx, LaSen, Kairos Power, Faneuil and Ganymede Games are just a few of the 30 companies investing in the state since 2019.

New Mexico has also recently seen success in bringing in international companies to the state. Three new companies from Taiwan (Admiral Cable, Xxentria and Cymmetrik) are all establishing a manufacturing presence along the border region, in Southern New Mexico. The New Mexico Partnership, the state’s designated single-point-of-contact for relocating or expanding companies, has also expanded its Asia outreach to include India and have begun conversations with several promising companies. The state has also continued to strengthen its relationship with Mexico, which has been a constant source for relocating and expanding companies.

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