Carlsbad, New Mexico at the Heart of Fastest State Growth

16 Sep 2021

Carlsbad, NM, September, 2021 – According to the most recent U.S. Census tallies, Eddy County New Mexico was the fastest growing area of the state over the last ten year. With a growth rate of 15.8% and an overall population of 62,314 Eddy County continues to be a hot spot for economic vitality. Carlsbad, the county seat in Eddy, is the epicenter of this growth.

The Carlsbad Department of Development (CDOD) obtained the raw U.S. Census data recently and discovered that the Census County Division (CCD) shows Carlsbad’s population count at 40,665.

According to the U.S. Census states can have one of two county subdivisions, Minor Civil Divisions or CCDs. States cannot have both designations. New Mexico is a state that has CCDs. Basically, CCDs are the statistical entities established cooperatively by the Census Bureau and officials of State and local governments in the 21 States where MCDs either do not exist or are unsatisfactory for the collection, presentation, and analysis of census statistics. They are designed to represent community areas focused on trading centers or, in some instances, major land use areas. They have visible, permanent, and easily described boundaries.

Artesia, a smaller city in Eddy County, just 30 minutes north of Carlsbad shows a CCD total of 19,177. Loving, approximately 15 minutes southeast of Carlsbad, has a CCD of 2,223.

With Carlsbad experiencing such high numbers, the city is working hard to maintain this growth.

“Census data shows what Carlsbad residents have known for years, which is our community has the highest growth rate in the state,” said City of Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway. “This is a land of opportunity, and increased population numbers means more political representation and economic opportunity, as well as more quality of life and recreational options. Carlsbad’s economic diversity is paying off.”

The backbone for the county’s growth is based on the industrial diversity within the economy. Potash mining, nuclear storage, oil and gas, and manufacturing are the main pillars associated with the major industrial base in the area. Strong growth within the medical and aviation fields bolster this base as well.

“The recent census data which showed Eddy County as the fastest growing county across the State in terms of percentage growth since the last census is a reflection of the economic opportunities, the quality jobs and the benefits of business friendly communities that are the core of Eddy County,” said Eddy County Manager Al Davis. “Eddy County has a diverse economic profile with the extractive industries, agriculture, and the nuclear industry to name a few, that is the envy of many other counties and communities across the state.”

In addition to the higher population numbers in Eddy County overall and within the Carlsbad CCD, water usage studies show the average daily population within Carlsbad’s market area to be within the 86,000 to 88,000 range. CDOD Executive Director John Waters tracks this data.

“Increasing residential and commercial water usage in our service area is strictly monitored by our state and local governments,” said Waters. “When multiplied by the USGS-accepted daily per capita figure for arid communities, our actual daily population is especially evident.”

The future continues to look strong for Eddy County and Carlsbad, New Mexico as industrial and commercial growth continue to rise.

“The census increase is an affirmation of the economic success that Eddy County and southeast New Mexico can deliver for citizens in our communities and across the State,” added Davis. “We’re confident that these outcomes and benefits will continue to grow. We’re hopeful that the success that’s being realized will continue to attract businesses and people seeking quality jobs to our County and our communities.”

The Carlsbad Department of Development is the economic development agency for the City of Carlsbad and Eddy County, New Mexico.


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