Carlsbad’s Local Events Are Drawing in Visitors to the City!

30 Sep 2019

Carlsbad is known for its plentiful and awe dropping natural wonders such as Carlsbad Cavern and Sitting Bull Falls. But it also has a historic and eclectic life aside from just our natural wonders that many enjoy. The Carlsbad Museum and Art Center is home to the local and regional history of the area. Here you can view Native American art and artifacts as well as enjoy Southwestern contemporary art exhibits. Aside from the historical side of Carlsbad, the town is also known for its widely popular community events. Downtown farmers markets, live music, and local races are a regular occurrence. As is the local Dragonfly Festival and Beer and Music Fest which are held every year. If you would like to know more about the fun events going on in Carlsbad, click here and visit our website to learn more!