Manufacturing Month in Carlsbad, NM: Spotlight on the Industry

Manufacturing Month in Carlsbad, NM: Spotlight on the Industry Main Photo

28 Oct 2021


October is Manufacturing Month, and we at Carlsbad Department of Development are celebrating the manufacturers in our region for their employment opportunities and innovations that grow our economy. Manufacturing creates careers that are full of opportunity for advancement and stability.

Manufacturing in Carlsbad, NM

Our manufacturers are leaders in business and good workplace practices, produce high quality products, and consistently innovate to keep in step with and progress their industries. We are proud that these companies have made their home in Carlsbad. Companies that are producing in our region include Celtech Corporation —  the industry leader in the design and fabrication of jet and turboprop mobile engine test stands which includes electronic systems manufacturing and integration — and S8 Engineering.

Growth in New Mexico’s Manufacturing Sector 

Manufacturing’s importance in Carlsbad and throughout New Mexico is due to the sector’s stability and growth. In fact, total output from manufacturing was $4.62 billion in 2019, according to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM).  

Over 26,000 people worked in New Mexico’s manufacturing industry in 2020, and as reported by NAM, the average annual compensation was $59,523.28 in 2019. Upon graduating high school or trade school, students can begin working in a manufacturing job, and within a few years, reach a level of income that surpasses the average household income in the United States. 

Reasons Manufacturing Companies Should Locate in Carlsbad 

Carlsbad offers several advantages to national and global manufacturing companies. Among them are infrastructure assets such as commercial utility rates that are among the lowest in New Mexico and Texas.

Manufacturing in CarlsbadBusinesses in Carlsbad also benefit from transportation access to the entire United States: by road via Routes 62 and 285, by rail via Southwestern Railroad, and by air via Cavern City Air Terminal. 

Sites and buildings are available for manufacturing companies looking to expand. Here, businesses have the room they need to grow, and local economic developers are available to make it easy to find the perfect location. 

In certain cases, financial incentives can be applied to make relocation or expansion an even better investment. New Mexico offers a variety of state incentives that are designed to promote economic growth. Existing, new, and relocating businesses can benefit from utilizing these programs to fund things like workforce training or to receive assistance expanding manufacturing capabilities. Explore the available state incentives here. Additionally, local incentives can be found here.

To learn more about manufacturing opportunities in Carlsbad, NM, contact Carlsbad Department of Development at 575-887-6562 or click here to email.

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