Job Fairs, Housing, and Quality of Life: Carlsbad’s Approach to Meeting Workforce Needs

Job Fairs, Housing, and Quality of Life: Carlsbad’s Approach to Meeting Workforce Needs Main Photo

31 Aug 2022


Some may be focusing on autumn’s arrival, but in Carlsbad, New Mexico, it’s job fair season. Carlsbad’s diversified industries, including potash mining, oil and gas, nuclear storage, health services, education, retail, and much more, currently need more than 3,000 employees to fill area jobs.

Two job fairs are quickly approaching:

Job Fair at the Pecos River Village Conference Center
October 5, 2022, from 2pm-7pm

Fort Hood Red White and You Mega Job Fair 
November 4, 2022.

Carlsbad Department of Development (CDOD) and its community partners — City of Carlsbad, Eddy County NM, Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, and New Mexico Workforce Connection — will be hosting the Job Fair at the Pecos River Village Conference Center on October 5th. There will be onsite interviews available, so applicants should come prepared with resumes. CDOD will be there doing what they do best: making connections. Find the flyer here, and businesses can register for a booth here. Additional job fairs are in the works; please visit our website regularly for more information.

To tap into one of the most valuable labor pools available — skilled army service members transitioning to civilian life and veterans — CDOD will be attending the Fort Hood Red White and You Mega Job Fair in Texas on November 4th to talk about all things Eddy County. CDOD will assist these dedicated and resilient men and women in determining how Carlsbad’s employment opportunities, housing, and quality of life can help them realize the life they have earned. 

Beyond Employment Opportunities: Why Carlsbad?

Housing in CarlsbadHousing goes hand-in-hand with fulfilling workforce needs across the country. In Carlsbad, several new single and multifamily housing projects are in the works; however, with occupancy hovering around 90 percent, there is still a need for an additional 6,000-plus units to accommodate the demand. 

Taking full advantage of the renewed energy for in-person experiences, CDOD will be attending upcoming housing summits and build expos, as well as inviting potential builders to visit Carlsbad. CDOD is committed to connecting developers to available properties, cutting red tape, and assisting with incentives, such as the Affordable Housing Contribution Program and various local grants and loan programs. 

Quality of life truly elevates Carlsbad as the place you want to put down roots. A good job is only desirable if you want to live and play where you earn your living. That’s why we will share the uniqueness of the Eddy County area during CDOD’s expos, summits, job fairs, and trade shows.

One reason the quality of life is superb in Carlsbad, NM, is because the pioneers knew what they were doing when they settled along the Pecos River. Desert and caverns may come to mind when you think of Carlsbad, but right in town, there are miles of riverfront walkways and trails, boating, fishing, and the popular Lake Carlsbad Beach Park. Travel a mere 12 miles north, and the wide open spaces of Lake Brantley State Park are there to enjoy. Carlsbad Caverns, Sitting Bull Falls, Guadalupe Mountains, national forests, recreation facilities, parks, golf, and the most amazing star gazing round out our sense of place. It’s no wonder Carlsbad topped the list of Expedia’s “21 Most Scenic Southwest Cities.”

Further Resource for Job Seekers

Job Fair in CarlsbadResume

We encourage anyone seeking advancement, opportunity, and a career in Carlsbad to upload their resume here for consideration by our members and other businesses in Eddy County.


To better grasp housing options, check out the 2022 Carlsbad Housing Report and contact CDOD to schedule a tour to learn about where the newest housing developments are happening. Likewise, explore selected residential listings and a list of apartment communities.

Southeast New Mexico College

SENMC offers a variety of quality educational opportunities, including certificate programs of 30 to 36 credit hours designed to provide students with marketable and employable skills upon completion. SENMC also hosts the regional Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and the Manufacturing Sector Development Program (MSDP), which serve business and industry training needs through customized programs.

Carlsbad Department of Development

Carlsbad is an excellent place to locate your family and your business. Over the past year, Eddy County showed the largest economic growth in New Mexico, according to recently released numbers from the New Mexico Economic Development Department (NMEDD). For the third quarter of fiscal year 2022, Eddy County generated growth of $1.113 billion in matched taxable gross receipts. Let CDOD help you find your place in our community. Explore our website to research all about Carlsbad’s work environment, recreation, and quality of life. Follow CDOD on Facebook and LinkedIn.