Community Profiles of Carlsbad & Surrounding Communities

14 Oct 2019

Site selectors and business owners looking for a location often like to have as much detailed information on the region they are looking at locating their business. Sometimes this information is very hard to get ahold of without paying. Here at the Carlsbad Department of Development, we strive to be as informational and transparent about this and we are proud to be a part of. This is why we freely offer an in-depth community profile for each of our communities, including detailed and up-to-date demographics on each. We offer community profiles on the following cities: Carlsbad, NM, Artesia, NM, Otis, NM, Village of Hope, NM, and Village of Loving, NM. This profile includes a brief history of the city and demographic information for the population, households, income, employment, education, and business sector information. To access these in-depth community profiles, visit our website.