Job hunting? Growth in New Mexico outpaces the nation

18 Jul 2019

Employment data recently posted by the U.S. Department of Labor and the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions shows that New Mexico outpaced the national job growth rate for the first time since January 2013, according to the state department.

Over the year, New Mexico’s total nonagricultural employment increased by 15,900 jobs, or 1.9 percent. The nation’s job growth rate was 1.5 percent.

Most of the gains came from the private sector at 15,300 jobs, or 2.3 percent, which ranked New Mexico ninth in the nation for private sector job growth, the summary stated. The highest rate was in Nevada with 4.1 percent growth, while the lowest rates were in Maine and Minnesota with 0.2 percent. The national average was 1.7 percent.

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