The Importance Of VR As A Marketing Tactic & The Science Behind Why It Works

15 Nov 2021


Have you considered VR as a marketing tactic? If not, perhaps it’s time you did. It’s hard to overstate the power and potential of this exciting technology. Effective marketers have made storytelling a priority for years. VR amplifies the impact of a story by making it an immersive experience.

Here Are Six Great Reasons To Use VR As A Marketing Tactic

Our Brains Rely More On Vision Than Any Other Sense

If a picture is worth a thousand words, VR is worth a million. This is because VR technology incorporates STEREOPSIS. Put simply, that means that since our eyes are several inches apart, the perspective from each eye is slightly different. Our brain merges the input from each eye to tell us whether an object is close up or far away. In addition to this capability, VR headsets also monitor our head movements with an accelerometer, the same device that allows smartphones to detect the position and orientation changes. This combination of dimension and movement creates the illusion that we are inside the scene instead of just looking at it. Meanwhile, stereo headsets immerse us in sound. No wonder these experiences are more interesting and memorable than most other forms of media. 

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