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State Parks

The state of New Mexico offers a number of parks within the Carlsbad area, providing citizens and visitors a variety of location and activity options. 

Brantley Lake State Park
Located 12 miles north of Carlsbad, along the lazy Pecos River, Brantley Lake offers fishing, boating, water-skiing and camping.  During the summer, the State Parks Division also offers interpretive programs to visitors. Brantley Lake State Park

Living Desert Zoo and Gardens State Park
For information on Living Desert Park, please visit Living Desert Zoo and Gardens State Park.  

National Parks

There two national parks in the Carlsbad area, offering a number of activities and events.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park
For information about the park's location, caverns, and tours, please visit Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park
For information on Guadalupe Park, please visit Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

City of Carlsbad Parks

The City of Carlsbad Parks and Recreation Department maintains approximately 1,204 acres of parks within the City of Carlsbad. Map of City Municipal Parks 

Alta Vista Park 312 Alta Vista/1707 W. Fox

Located west of Alta Vista Middle School, this park consists of 15 acres and houses the American Little League with three (3) playing fields and the Senior Little League with one playing field.

Arcadia Park 1311 Ortega

Located in the 1300 block of Alvarado/Ortega Streets, this neighborhood park is 4 acres with playground equipment and a basketball court.

Bataan Recreation Area
Located on both sides of the Pecos River from the Tansil Dam to the Lower Tansil Dam, this area is included in the Lake Carlsbad Recreation Area and has shades, boat docks and during "ball" season is utilized by many ball teams for practice areas.

C. H. McLenathen Park 1305 W. Hagerman

This neighborhood park is located at the corner of North Maple/West McKay/West Hagerman Streets. This 3 acre park is the home of the National Little League with 3 playing fields, playground equipment and a basketball court.

Carlsbad Softball Complex/Will Merchant Park 902 Hidalgo

Located west of the National Parks Highway at the intersection of Hidalgo Road and South Boyd Drive, this 21 acre park has 4 lighted fields, restroom facilities, a small playground area and off-street parking.

Cass Park

Located at Kuykendahl and Russell Streets in the Sunnyview Addition, this neighborhood park consists of 1.9 acres and has a basketball court and playground equipment.

Chief Ira J. Stockwell Park 400 NE 1st

Home of the Teen Girls Softball League, this 5 acre park is located along the irrigation canal on Northeast First Street. There are two playing fields and one practice field.

Cruz Fernandez Park 606 Pompa

Located in the 500 block of Pompa Street at Chavez Street, this 3 acre neighborhood park consists of playground equipment and a basketball court.

Davis Park

Located in the 200 block of Kircher Street at Davis Street, this 9 acre neighborhood park hosts playground equipment.


This elementary school park is located in the 2400 block of Carver Street and is considered a joint city/school playground area.

Hall Addition Park

With approximately 1.5 acres, including parking area, this neighborhood park with playground equipment is located on North Street between Primrose and Wildrose Streets south of Puckett School.

Heritage Park 1500 Callaway Drive

Located on Callaway Drive on the south side of the Pecos River, this historical park contains the first homestead built in the County of Eddy, The Eddy House. There is a covered picnic shelter where an annual event is held honoring the pioneer families of Carlsbad and surrounding areas.

Lake Carlsbad Tennis & Racquetball Complex
Located across from the south end of the Lake Carlsbad Recreation area near the Tansil Dam, houses the Lake Carlsbad Tennis Complex, Rio Pecos Tennis Shop, 3 racquetball courts, and restroom facilities.

Lake Carlsbad Recreation Area Riverside Drive/Park Drive

With 125.6 acres, this park winds along the Pecos River from the railroad bridge south to the upper Tansil Dam. This area contains playground equipment, barbecue grills, tables, restrooms, boat docks, swimming area and the Beach Bandshell.

Lamont Street Park

Located along the west side of Lamont Street between Church Street and the Northgate Shopping Center on Pierce Street, this 4.9 acre park offers a paved path for walkers, joggers, bicyclists and others enjoying a portion of the Bike/Walk/Jogging Trail which parallels this park area.

Carlsbad Youth Sports Complex 3001 W. Lea St

A new quality built complex home to six full size youth softball fields, four full size youth soccer fields, and one football field with the addition of baseball fields starting in the spring of 2008.  These fields are utilized year round for youth recreation league play, tournaments, and other special events.  Each area is equipped with large concession facilities including large restrooms.  The complex has a central parking area to accommodate multiple events simultaneously.  Carlsbad Youth Sports Complex

Lake Carlsbad Municipal Golf Course

With an 18-hole course and a 9-hole Par 3 course which runs along the Pecos River, this 146 acre recreation area is located Muscatel Avenue. The Lake Carlsbad Municipal Golf Course Pro Shop is located at 905 Muscatel. Visit their site for more information! 

Desert Willow Park 1612 Desert Willow Drive

This 1.6 acre neighborhood park hosts various pieces of playground equipment.

Pecos River Village Recreation Area

Located on the east side of the Pecos River off of Muscatel Avenue, this recreation area hosts the Pecos River Village Conference Center, Riverwalk Recreation Center and Playground on the Pecos.

Puckett Park

This 1 acre neighborhood park is located on the east side of Puckett School in Hall Addition.  Belonging to the Carlsbad Municipal School System, this park provides limited playground equipment.

Plaza De San Jose 1004 DeBaca

Located at San Jose Boulevard/Plaza Street/DeBaca Street this 7.5 acre park area contains a band stand, covered gazebo, small playground and is host to the annual 16th of September Celebration along with other community-wide celebrations.

Riverside Country Club Park

This 1-acre neighborhood park, with various playground equipment, is located at the intersection of Bryan Circle and Park Street within the County Club Addition.

Riverview Park

Located on the north side of Lake Carlsbad between the railroad tracks and the Par 3 Municipal Golf Course, this 7.21 acre park provides 3 large covered picnic shelters with tables and restroom facilities.

Senator Milton R. Smith Park

This 2 acre neighborhood park consists of small playground equipment and is located at North Mesa and West Church Streets.

Senior High School Baseball and Softball Park

These parks consist of approximately 13 acres of land with lighted baseball and softball fields. A joint City/School agreement developed this complex which is located west of North 8th Street and east of the Carlsbad Senior High School Football stadium.

South 8th Street Neighborhood Park

Located in the 500 block of S. 8th Street at Florida Street, this neighborhood park is nearly an acre in size and provides playground equipment and a lighted basketball court.

Carlsbad Spring Park - Carter Park

Located at the northwest end of Lake Carlsbad on the south side of the Pecos River, this 27 acre natural park area extends west from the springs and adjoins US Highway 285.

Sunset Park 1802 W. Blodgett

Consisting of approximately 5 acres, this park area is located along the CID irrigation canal at Blodgett and Solana Streets. Home of the Shorthorn Little League, this park provides 4 playing fields, playground equipment and a lighted basketball court.

Troy Young Community Park 2207 San Jose Boulevard

Located on San Jose Boulevard and bordering the CID irrigation canal, this 6 acre neighborhood park has a basketball court, tennis court and playground equipment.

West Carlsbad Recreation Area 611 N. 5th Street

This 4-acre neighborhood park is located in the 600 block of N. 5th Street and consists of tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball court, and playground equipment.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park

Located on the corner of Canyon Street and Plaza Street and part of the Bataan Recreation Area, this park contains playground equipment and a covered picnic shelter.

Shooting Range / Action Sports Complex

Consisting of approximately 645 acres, this complex is located approximately 2.5 miles north of Happy Valley on the east side of the truck by-pass leading to the Artesia Highway (US 185). The area provides 4 trap ranges, pistol range, small bore rifle range, large bore rifle range, silhouette rifle range, silhouette pistol range, muzzle loaders range, black powder range, archery range, cross-wind runways for radio controlled model airplanes, a competition go-cart track, restroom facilities and picnic areas.

Alejandro Ruiz Memorial Park

Located in front of the Riverwalk Recreation Center and adjacent to Playground on the Pecos, this park area honors Carlsbad native and WWII Veteran Alejandro Ruiz for his receipt of the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Millennium Park

Located south of the Riverwalk Recreation Center, this park houses a TruPac container containing packages from area families and organizations to be opened in the year 2101. These articles were sealed in the container on November 11, 2001. This park and TruPac Time Capsule was sponsored by the Carlsbad Assistance League.

Playground on the Pecos

Rising on the banks of the Pecos River north of the Riverwalk Recreation Center, this community-built playground consists of 15,000 square feet of towers, swings, slides, and hiding places.  Designed with the help of Carlsbad's school children, the playground incorporates Carlsbad features such as caves, rock climbing areas and the flumes. Utilizing volunteers, construction began on September 5, 2002 and was completed on September 15, 2002.

Bike/Jogging/Walking Trail

This 6.4 mile, 5-foot wide asphalt recreational trail is for use by bicyclists, joggers, and walkers. It is located along the Carlsbad Irrigation District Canal and runs the entire length of the city. At the users' preference, the trail may be accessed at either point located at the National Parks Highway, San Jose Boulevard, Boyd Drive, Lea Street, Texas Street, Church Street, Pierce Street, and/or Westridge.

Ocotillo Hills Nature Trail SkyLine Drive/NMSU-Carlsbad/Heritage Park

The Ocotillo Hills Nature Trail courses along the hillside between Skyline Drive and New Mexico State University-Carlsbad. The trail is 0.9 miles in length and provides a scenic hike that highlights many of the native plants and, at times, the wildlife. A scenic overlook parking area is located at the top of the trail providing a spectacular view of the entire city, particularly at night.

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