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The Cascades at Carlsbad is a shovel-ready site that will offer a multitude of new retail, commercial, dining, cultural entertainment, and recreational opportunities for the growing Carlsbad community. Set in a brand new OPPORTUNITY ZONE, the Cascades, is ideally situated along the beautiful Pecos River, will add to the positive Carlsbad experience and provide more attractions for our wonderful, growing community. If you are interested in purchasing a lot at Cascades for development, please read:

  • RFP For Cascades - Proposals due Dec. 31, 2018
  • Video Rendering of Cascades 
  • Cascades at Carlsbad Design Guidelines


In the additional addendum to the covenants you will receive when purchasing a parcel, we need your certificate of occupancy within two years of purchase. If we do not receive this from you, then the Carlsbad Department of Development (CDOD) has the right to purchase the lot back for the original purchase price.

Appraisal Reports

We have made the appraisal report available at the CDOD offices located at:

Carlsbad Department of Development
107 West Mermod
Carlsbad, New Mexico 88220

Cascade Bids Now Open

Cascades at Carlsbad Commercial/Mixed Use Development- Lots Available Now

The Carlsbad Department of Development (CDOD) is requesting proposals for the selection of a firm or individual(s) to purchase and finish construction of a commercial real estate development for all available properties in the Cascades at Carlsbad Subdivision.

The CDOD, a 501 c 6 not-for-profit, economic development corporation, invested over $7 million in local private and federal grant money to purchase and develop this scenic property along the Pecos River into a new center of commerce for Carlsbad, the fastest growing city in New Mexico. The planned development, called the Cascades at Carlsbad, is adjacent to the City tennis courts, the Lake Carlsbad Recreation Area riverfront park, and the new $4 million municipal water park, and contains a man-made canal water feature with flowing water from the Pecos River. It includes over 600,000 square feet of potential waterfront commercial and retail property. Utility infrastructure, large parking lots, fountains, lighted walkways, and the concrete water feature were completed in 2013. The vast majority of the waterfront lots await final development. To meet our community obligation to provide a unique new commercial area for Carlsbad, we seek a purchaser that can finish the development by constructing a commercial/ retail/ entertainment center worthy of community pride.

Finally, this development project also sits entirely within a newly designated opportunity zone!

If interested, please contact Sophie Gonzalez at (575) 8876562 or via email at to request complete Request for Proposals (RFP 2018-02). Qualified proposals are due to CDOD no later than December 31, 2018.

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400-2 Cascades Ave
Suite 201
Carlsbad, NM 88220
(575) 887-6562
Cascades at Carlsbad Design Guidelines