Carlsbad’s Department of Development’s Revolving Loan Fund is Available to Businesses in Need!

9 Sep 2019

 Businesses in need of capital should contact our economic development department to learn about our revolving loan fund. 

The US Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration’s (The EDA) mission is to help facilitate economic growth on a national scale. This federal government agency’s focus is exclusively on economic development. One of the ways they do this is to promote innovation and competitiveness to create sustainable economic growth and success. In 1999 the EDA teamed up with Carlsbad’s Department of Development (CDOD) to create the Revolving Loan Fund. This Revolving Loan Fund is a long program they created to help businesses and entrepreneurs who may need some extra financial backing to start or expand their business. To learn more about the Revolving Loan Fund or fill out an application visit our website here.