Permian Basin Is Booming In Southeast New Mexico

13 Nov 2019

Logistics are being upgraded to support expanding oil and gas production, including a larger regional airport in Lea County now offering non-stop flights to Denver.

The size of the Permian Basin in southeastern New Mexico represents one of the largest fields in the United States, and residents of the area are taking action to facilitate the growth of the oil and gas industry in the area. After a recently completed expansion of the regional airport, Lea County will be augmenting the existing non-stop United Express daily flight service to Houston with a new route to Denver, Colorado which began on October 27.

The remote areas of southeastern New Mexico are experiencing unprecedented growth and economic activity as the oil and gas industry continues to explore the potential of the Permian Basin. Ever since the United States Geological Survey (USGS) announced in late 2018 that the Delaware Basin, part of the larger Permian Basin, is one of the largest continuous oil and gas resources ever assessed in the nation, the modern mid-sized city of Hobbs has been working to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry.

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