CDOD Leaders Visit State Legislators

1 Mar 2015

CDOD Leaders Visit State Legislators

Santa Fe - March 2014 - Several Carlsbad Department of Development (CDOD) leaders, along with other elected officials and citizens from Eddy County, recently attended meetings with state legislators in Santa Fe. The trip was part of the Chamber of Commerce's annual Bat Brigade.

The focus for CDOD officials was based on several points of interest, all related to issues throughout the county. Topics brought up in meetings with state departments included roads and highways, the railroad access and reliability, Eddy County growth, and  support for the Governor's and state economic development department's initiatives.

The main concern for roads and highways is related to the growth Carlsbad and Eddy County are currently experiencing. Carlsbad is the fastest growing city in New Mexico at a rate of 5.37%, and industries such as oil and potash continue to expand and thrive. Officials sought assistance from the state to see what can be done to help remedy the deteriorating roads and make them safer throughout the county. 

Eddy County has led the state in oil production for nearly three years, and was the eighth most productive county in the nation in 2013.